Plasma Membrane

Phase Modulation Alternate Firmware

Written in Pure Data

By Eli Pechman 

Download Plasma Membrane here

Download Plasma Membrane Manual here

How to load alternate instrument files is covered on page 17 of the Nebulae manual.


Plasma Membrane is two banks of four harmonics, all related to the fundamental through frequency ratio set by the numerator/ denominator settings, and then sent to phase modulate the fundamental. The "speed" knob scans through available harmonics with each bank being on the left/ right side of the knob. This means that the controls labeled in blue are only used when the left speed knob LED is illuminated and the controls labeled in green when the right LED is illuminated.


Author Info:

Eli Pechman

Eli is the creative source of Mystic Circuits.  He and his partner do audio and visual modular performances as "The Knob Fondlers".  His favorite color is purple and he is a dog person.


instagram: Mystic Circuits - Knob fondlers