Csound Template - .csd template for creating custom Nebulæ Csound code

Pure Data Template - .pd template for creating custom Nebulæ Pure Data code


Ring Worm - Ring modulating sound source with low pass filter

Rhythmic Chords - Polyphonic triads and seventh chords with clockable rhythmic envelopes

Field Generator - 8 oscillator drone and chord generator


Wave Trauma - Harsh noise generator from sample-based source material

Fractal Crust - Crust punk inspired morphing noise source with distortion

Wave Terrain - Wavetable oscillator that scans three dimensional surfaces

Vinyl Dust - Vinyl dust and distortion noise source

Marimba - Marimba physical model oscillator

Drip Water - Water droplet physical model oscillator

FM Grit - FM oscillator with extreme carrier, modulator, and index ranges

Vibes - Vibraphone phyiscal model oscillator

Bowed Drone - Evolving drone with bowed string qualities

Comb Warp - Spectrally enveloped oscillator banks

Plucked Patterns - Plucked string melody generator with quantized pitch

Morphing FM - Two FM instruments that morph into a single instrument by interpolating between the amplitude and frequency of one another

GENDYN Implementation of the Génération Dynamique Stochastique (GENDYN), a dynamic stochastic approach to waveform synthesis conceived by Iannis Xenakis

Polyphonic Oscillator - Oscillator that outputs seventh chords with control over chord quality, amplitude of scale degrees, and waveform select

Synth Voice - Complete monophonic synth voice with FM oscillator, low pass resonant filter, and reverb

Plucked - Plucked string physical model oscillator

Vowels - Vocal synthesizer

4OSC- 4 oscillators with independent 1V/Oct pitch control