Maysun Music Sample Library

Download the Sample Library here

Hi, my name is Etienne Mason, and my music project is called MAYSUN. I made drum & synth videos everyday for a year and have chosen some sounds from those videos to share with you. Most melodic sounds have been made with an OP1, Plaits, Pluck, Chance and a mother 32. The percussive sounds are usually a combination of Morfbeats instruments, chains, cymbals and drums.

Airy Pads: From video #320, this is an ambient loop I had made on the tape machine of the OP1 with reverse sounds being controlled by Sensory Percussion.

Breathing Swells: Swells made from a sampled upright piano through a really fast arpeggiator in the OP1.

Chain Drums: From video #311, drums played with small chains in my hands. There are also various Morfbeats instruments spread across the drums for additional steel sounds and a phone ringing in the background.

Drum Intense rolls: From video #371, some drum rolls between a unchained snare, floor tom and cymbal.

Glitchy Synths: From video #311, a sampled voice in the OP1, with the QuBit chance module controlling the left and right output gain, making interesting cuts and panoramic movement.

Jumping Synths: From video #336, synth sounds controlled by drum velocity with Sensory Percussion, and some mellow notes in the OP1’s tombola sequencer.

Gamelan Strips With Tin Foil: From video #368, Morfbeats gamelan strips with a sheet of tin foil on top, played with marimba mallets.

Sleigh Bells On Snare: From video #320, drums played with three Morfbeats Sleigh bells, mostly scraping the metal rim of the snare.

Open Drumming: From video #367, free time on cymbals and a snare with various chains on it.

Popcorn Bass: Bass sound from Plaits on a very noisy hiss track, with a gate so that the bass passes through with a tail of noise.

You can find his most recent work on his website: and instagram