Lightbath Sample Library


Download the sample library here.

These samples span 11 years of my studio diary. In 2008, I started recording pieces and simply labeling them with the date. It was a new, process-focused practice that helped me let go of the need to make something great and just do something—anything! They’re rendered so as to sound (mostly) seamless when looped for the entire sample length and provided under a CC-BY-NC license.

Open: This sample features my ‘pseudo-polyphony for multidimensional beings’ approach on the modular detailed in the book PATCH & TWEAK and used in most of my public works from the past couple of years.

Wave: This sample features Ableton’s Wavetable synth played by drawing notes into a clip and then manually performing the timbral movements upon playback.

Treasures: This is from the archive—early January 2016, about 10 months into my modular journey. It was a time of renewed wonder and excitement with music thanks to a nearly daily practice of modular exploration. It’s a stereo recording of the modular from the days when my sound sources were Elements, Rings, and Tides.

Quartz: This is a recording of my new Crystal Singing Bowls played with felt strikers.

Particle: I accidentally renamed the file, so I’m not sure exactly when this was made. It definitely features Rings and some other Eurorack, and I’ll guess that it’s from the Summer of 2017.

Close: This is from the archive—June 2014, before I had gotten into modular. It’s a stereo recording from Ableton’s looper where it sounds like I’m combining passes on the SH-101 (or possibly the LuSH-101 plugin) with effects juxtaposed with a field recording of a dock on Lake Michigan.

Lotus: This is the oldest clip from the archive—February 2008. Back then, I played two-hour ambient sets at Laughing Lotus in NYC during their Midnight Yoga sessions using guitar into Ableton for looping and effects. I had recently gotten a Kalimba with a pickup in it and that’s what you hear on this over a bed of filtered and reverbed guitar drones.

The above work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Ceremonia de Nebulae

I made an EP using the library. Watch it on YouTube and download it on Patreon🖖