White Noises Sample Library

Download the Sample Library here

This sample library primarily focuses on pads and textures, ranging from calm and serene to distorted and menacing. The samples have been created using a variety of techniques including analog and digital synthesis, electromagnetic pickups, and field recordings.

Ana Drone:

A nasty, distorted drone created by wavefolding and overdriving a pure sine wave.

Distorted Avalanche:

OP-1 synthesiser processed with guitar pedals.

Electromagnetic Pickup:

Processed recording of my modular synthesiser using an electromagnetic pickup.

Kalimba Delay:

Playing a kalimba with reverb and an octave-up delay.

Kalimba Dry:

A dry recording of the kalimba, featured on the sample library originally released with the Nebulae.

OP-1 Tombola:

OP-1 synthesiser on tombola sequencer mode, processed by modular synth and guitar pedals.

Pentatonic Stars:

An ethereal high-pitched ascending pentatonic major scale on modular synth.

Resonant Filters:

Making the four filters from Qu-Bit Tone self-oscillate to create oscillators.


Field recording of a partially-frozen river in Gatineau National Park, Québec.


Recording of typing on a keyboard.