Drum Machine Alternate Firmware

Written in Pure Data

By Eli Pechman 

Download Durm here

Download Durm Manual here

How to load alternate instrument files is covered on page 17 of the Nebulae manual.


Durm is a four voice drum machine where all of the voices share the same parameters as set by the front panel controls. There are two ways around this: drum settings are only updated for each voice when a trigger for that voice is received, meaning that with fast enough modulation each voice will have settings that differ from the other voices. The other possibility is to "lock" the parameters for the given voice, causing the front panel controls and relevant modulation to no longer have an effect on that particular drum voice. This enables the user to tweak the settings for each drum voice to their liking and then have the option to only modulate the 'unlocked' voices. The "speed" knob controls an effect that is shared over all of the voices with one of four effects being selected by an alternate control. All parameters (except for window, pitch and speed) can be randomized per step with a set randomness amount. Audio inputs are routed through the main effect and also through a side chain compression sort of effect controlled by the internal synthesizer envelopes. Bass drum is always routed to the left channel and all other drums are routed to the right. 


Author Info:

Eli Pechman

Eli is the creative source of Mystic Circuits.  He and his partner do audio and visual modular performances as "The Knob Fondlers".  His favorite color is purple and he is a dog person.


instagram: Mystic Circuits - Knob fondlers