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PD Template


Bowed Drone - Evolving drone with bowed string qualities

Comb Warp - Spectrally enveloped oscillator banks

Drip Water - Water droplet physical model oscillator

Durm - Four voice drum machine

FM Grit - FM oscillator with extreme carrier, modulator, and index ranges

Four OSC- 4 oscillators with independent 1v/oct pitch control

Fractal Crust - Crust punk inspired morphing noise source with distortion

GENDYN - Implementation of the generation dynamique stochastique (Gendyn), a dynamic stochastic approach to waveform synthesis conceived by Iannis Xenakis

Granular Looper - Default Nebulae instrument

Morphing FM - Two FM instruments that morph into a single instrument by interpolating between the amplitude and frequency of one another

One Shot - One shot sample player

Plasma Membrane - Phase modulation oscillator

Plucked Patterns - Plucked string melody generator with quantized pitch

Rhythmic Chords - Polyphonic oscillator with rhythmic triggering

Synth Voice - Complete monophonic synth voice with FM oscillator, low pass resonant filter, and reverb

Test IO - Audio engine testing environment

Vinyl Dust - Vinyl dust and distortion noise source

Wave Terrain - Wavetable oscillator that scans three dimensional surfaces

Wave Trauma - Harsh noise generator from sample-based source material

World of Echo - Reverb, and delay effects processor