Nebulæ is a granular sample player/DSP platform in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. It uses sound files as the source material for creating loops, melodies, granular clouds, drones, pads and otherworldy textures. Ships with a flash drive containing a copyright free sample library recorded and mastered specifically for Nebulæ. The module is also capable of running Csound and Pure Data files. An expansive library of Csound and Pure Data instruments are available for download with more constantly being added. 


- Plays .wav, .aif, .flac , and .ogg files from a USB device


- No naming convention for files


- Independent control of pitch and speed


- 1V/oct pitch tracking


- MIDI control over all parameters


- Runs custom Csound and Pure Data code


- Looping / one shot capabilities








Width: 20hp

Skiff friendly

Power: 320mA








Quick Start Guide


Update Firmware to V1.1