Official Firmware Releases

Nebulae v2.1.1 Firmware Update

New Features:

  • Live buffer can be saved to the USB flash drive (Hold file and press freeze)

  • The Nebulae will boot up to whichever instrument file was last used

  • All secondary settings will save between power cycles

  • You can load PD files direct from the main granular looper instrument

  • Pressing the pitch encoder while turning it will move in octave increments

  • Various performance increases and stability improvements

  • Fixes source switching glitch in v2.1

Download Here

To update the firmware on your unit:

  • Put the file on a flash drive (this is found inside of the downloaded zip folder)

  • Insert the flash drive into your Nebulae (with the power off)

  • Power up your case (without anything patched into the Nebulae)

That's it!

The module will show an LED animation while it's updating and it will take around 1 minute total.

Once it has finished updating it will boot into the granular looper instrument, and it will remove the update .zip file from the flash drive so that you don't have to worry about updating by accident in the future.